Why Build Decentralized Applications

Why Build Decentralized Applications

The shift towards decentralization is happening. With tools like Angular.js, web development moved from thin to thick clients. You can't be hip without at least one SPA under your belt. The reason for this shift is simple:

Computing power is scaling horizontally.

We can't keep making more powerful processors. That's why scaling a server requires spinning up a ton of distributed machines. Software developers have to embrace the growing importance of this distributed model.

Decentralized applications are built on a distributed model.

Instead of redesigning for scalability, these "Dapps" are built to scale from the ground up. But that's not their only benefit. Dapps can provide transparency and take full advantage of market efficiencies. They also take power away from tech giants, giving control to the users.

With technologies' exponential growth, building a decentralized application will transition from a nicety to a necessity.

Dapp development is in its early stages, but it's already upsetting the status quo. It's the perfect time to jump in.

Simple Dapp Architecture