I'm glad you made it to this corner of the interwebs! I'm Karl, and I'll be your bumbling host. Let me give you a short tour of what you'll find hiding away here.

First, you'll find blockchain

The internet was a pretty sweet invention. People say this blockchain tech could be just as sweet. I believe those people, therefore I am obsessed with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Second, you'll find code

I write about my experience building decentralized applications with Ethereum, IPFS and a ton of frontend technologies. Hopefully some of what I say will help you skip some pitfalls and learn some tricks!

Third, you'll find me.

Karl Floersch @karl_dot_tech (February 1994) - I make, hack, and love all this nerdy stuff. Currently implementing Casper for Ethereum. Feel free to email me at karl@karl.tech.

Enough talk--let's hack!